A few kind words from our customers...
Just had to let you know! I brought my wedding ring in for repair. My nice “round” band had been turned into an “oblong” band because I procrastinated bringing it in sooner for repair when the band became extremely thin. During a “moving furniture” binge, I managed to flatten it, which then left me no choice. The young lady at the counter sympathized with my concern that I didn’t want it to be reset if at all possible. To make a long story short, your people managed to replace the shank (I think that’s the word she used... it was the underside portion of the band), replaced the prongs, cleaned the stones, and heaven knows what else. All I know for sure is that when I picked it up, it was absolutely beautiful. I have to say, in all honesty, that I think it looked even better than when it was new. My late husband and I had the rings made up at the time of our engagement (at that time, it was two bands with just one smaller stone). For a later anniversary, we had them made into one band and added the marquis and one side stone. So you see, the sentiment attached to the ring goes beyond the monetary value.
Thank you very, very much for returning this so-very special memory in such glorious condition, thus giving me additional years to cherish this most precious token of our love and marriage.

Sincerely, Christina N.
Our family has shopped at Reusch Jewelers for generations. We take all of our valuable pieces there to be examined, repaired and cleaned. If we have any problem we know they will be fair and work with us. Just recently we had to take a large estate collection to the (Petoskey) Store so that it could be Professionally Appraised for Insurance and overall value. We trust the work they do and were able to satisfy all members in our family - as to the realistic value of the estate for the future. Reusch Jewelers is the place to trust with your jewelry in Northern Michigan. -- HarborGirl
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